TEAM DC is a non-governmental, not for profit organisation created by an international team of development specialists working in various areas of societal change, with the objective to empower people, share values and promote trust into transformational forces.

We strongly believe that the greatest asset of our work is to help our partners achieve ownership of the results of our work, and to strive for sustainable change. The result of this approach is that we deliver value-added products and services that empower people to adopt innovative solutions.

Such philosophy, we are convinced, makes our clients maximize the benefits they can enjoy from the knowledge and expertise offered by professional development consultants who share with us the same values and objectives. Our clients are from both the public and the private sector.


Date Event Location
October 24th 2016 - October 27th 2016 Impact evaluations - SIME3   Athens - Greece
October 24th 2016 - October 27th 2016 Project Evaluation in INTERREG - SPEI 4   Athens - Greece
October 31th 2016 - November 3th 2016 EU Seveso III Directive 2   Athens - Greece
October 31th 2016 - November 3th 2016 Evaluation for evidence-based public policy workshop - WEPP3   Athens - Greece